Silver Comet District Committee

District Executive

David Hood678-788-5178send email

District Chairman

Sharla Stewart  send email
District CommissionerJeff Starnes  send email
District Vice ChairJohn Keiler  
District Vice ChairCathie McCabe  
District Vice ChairAlan Stensland  
Funds Development ChairAlan Stensland  send email
   FOS ChairEddie Fletcher  send email
   FOS CommunityWayne Blackstone  send email
   FOS FamilyCharlie Woodman  send email
   FOS Golden EagleKevin Templin  send email
   PopcornHeidi Oquendo  send email
   Camp CardsTonya Goodman  send email
Membership ChairLeah Briick  send email
   RecruitingLeah Briick  send email
   Webelos to Scout TransitionLeah Briick  send email
   New Unit Chair   
Activities and Civic ServiceMike Calvert  send email
Advancement ChairJohn Keiler  send email
      Eagle Board CoordinatorDavid Stockwell  send email
      Life to Eagle (Project Workbook)Dale Brott  send email
      Eagle Project ReviewDale Brott  call
      Merit Badge Counselor     Designee Kevin Templin  send email
      Scoutbook Advisor – Cub ScoutsScott Nowak  send email
      Scoutbook Advisor – Scouts BSAJayme Smith  send email
      Cub Scout Advancement Sharla Stewart  send email
      STEM / NOVA Chair Heather Dixon  send email
Program Chair Jayme Smith send email
   Camping and Outdoor PromotionKevin Kamperman (acting)  send email
   O/A AdviserClay Milner  send email
   Health & Safety Nikki Hauser  send email
   Training Chair Shawn Blake  send email
Religious Relations ChairJohn Lyon  send email
Nominating Committee ChairJohn Keiler send email
Youth Protection Training ChampionLeah Briick send email

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