Getting Ready For Your Eagle Board of Review

When an Eagle application is submitted by the Unit to the Council Program Center for verification, the verified and signed application is scanned, a copy is sent to the Silver Comet District Advancement Committee and the signed original is returned. The Silver Comet Eagle Board Coordinator will contact the Eagle candidate’s Scoutmaster and Unit Committee Chair via email, copying the Scout, in order to initiate scheduling of the candidate’s Eagle Board of Review.

If the Unit has not heard from the EBOR Coordinator within 7 to 10 days of turning in an Eagle application at the Program Center, please email Occasionally a scanned application will not reach the District Advancement Committee.

Eagle Board of Review Objective & Process

The Eagle Board of Review Process

What Paperwork is required at an Eagle Board of Review

Silver Comet District EBOR Arrival Checklist

In the event that an in-person Board of Review cannot happen due to any unforeseen causes (ex. pandemic), we can hold a video EBOR. There are certain requirements that must be met to have it qualify as an Eagle Board of Review. Please review the following document if needed.

Video EBOR Requirements

EBOR Feedback Form

Feedback is a gift…it truely is. Please take the time to fill out the form after your EBOR.

EBOR Feedback Form