Get Your Amazing Eagle Projects Started!

Eagle Project Local Contacts

If you are interested in availability of Eagle Scout Projects, please utilize the following contact information.

City of Acworth – Jeff Chase (email:

City of Kennesaw – Ben Southard (email:

Cobb County Parks – John Purcell (email:

Due West Elementary – Rita Fullick (email: )

Keep Cobb Beautiful – Terrilyn Hannah (email:

Kennesaw Mountain High – Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit (

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield – Donald Olds (email:

North Cobb Senior Center – Kathy Lathem (email:

Smith-Gilbert Garden – Christine Davis (email:

McKenna Farms – Cassi Kaiser (email: )


Information for Eagle Project Beneficiaries

When the Eagle Project Proposal is complete and all required signatures (except District approval) have been obtained, a copy of Proposal Pages B, C, D, E, F, and G, including any photos, drawings, or sketches, and the original signature page H, and signed Fundraising Application Page A (if any), should be submitted to the Silver Comet District Advancement Committee for review, additional guidance as necessary, and for the District approval signature. A new Eagle Service Project Workbook has been published as of January 2021. If a Scout has already begun working with the previous Workbook, they may continue with that publication if they wish. Otherwise, the new 2021 version of the workbook should be used and pages B, C, D, E, F, G, and H should be submitted to the District reviewer for approval.                           

(Note: Project workdays may not begin prior to District approval).

District review and approval process conducted via Email

Submit the completed Proposal via email to our Proposal reviewer Dale Brott at

Typical Project Proposal review takes from two to four weeks from first review by the District Advancement Committee, through the editing and updating process to the approval signature, so please plan accordingly.

If a Scout is not able to submit their Eagle Project Proposal via email, contact the District Advancement Chair